We're not gonna take it!

Last night I attended the latest CW500 event in London – this time featuring James Gardner, CTO of the DWP.
It was a talk focused on innovation, with not much mention of social media at all except once – when Gardner talked about design. You don’t really expect a public sector IT boss to start talking about art and design influencing how our IT systems work, but he spoke in much the same way about systems as Harold Hambrose does in his book ‘Wrench in the System’.
Gardner pointed out that most corporate software, and online services offered by the government to the public, are becoming unacceptable – and people are going to start demanding better systems. One of the key drivers for this is that rapidly upgraded consumer systems, such as Facebook, are changing the user experience.
People know that software can work better, can be more intuitive, and can be more social, so public patience is wearing thin.
So if you are still delivering hulking great green-screen systems because they are functional then you might want to read Hambrose, or see what Gardner was talking about last night.

James Gardner, CTO of the DWP