Ealing Tweetup - could it be the end of an era?

Since early in 2009 I have been hosting the semi-regular Ealing tweetups. I started this because I lived in Ealing (west London for the non-Londoners) and I noticed quite a few Twitter messages mentioning the local area, so one day I tried arranging a pub meeting for locals who use Twitter.

We filled out a good-sized table, had a good chat, found that even though we were from all walks of life there was a good connection because many of us had already been talking about the local area online. Meeting to talk over a pint was merely the next step.
As time went on, I found that the Tweetup crowd was getting bigger so I thought of getting some sponsorship from local firms. 1e were the first company to support it, and coincidentally they also supported the one that took place last week.
The Tweetup remains informal. I have never been the manager of the event, more like the person who started it off and then just started marshalling people into line to make it even better, but I do think that it has grown into one of the best social media events in London – though I guess I would say that… Last week we had a pub with a free bar, the London-Irish supergroup Biblecode Sundays playing live, and a great mix of Twitter users from across west London – the networking was superb, but also a lot of fun. For a more independent view on the Ealing Tweetup, take a look at what Neville Hobson wrote about the one we hosted last October.
Take a look at this video to hear Ronan MacManus from the band explain why they felt it was important to play live to the Tweetup crowd…
Now I have moved on to Brazil, so I’m no longer a west London local, but I think there might just be hope, as it looks like someone is going to keep on trying to pull the event together. I hope you can go and follow him so you can offer support when he does announce the next event…