Many SMEs believe IT is a freelance role not in-house

Apparently over 40% of SME’s see IT as a freelance role and not in-house.

Good news for freelancers because SMEs in total actually employ more people than large corporates, have larger revenues and make up over 99% of UK businesses.

This came from research from PeoplePerHour which has some interesting findings.

See the full research here.

Is there not an argument that SMEs are better off having in-house IT all-rounders? After all IT is a massive differentiator for small businesses so a more strategic approach could benefit them.

It seems SEO and PHP skills are most in demand.

These are the IT skills in most demand by SMEs.

1.     PHP
2.     SEO / Link Building
3.     WordPress
4.     Joomla
5.     iPhone Apps
6.     MySQL
7.     HTML
8.     Flash Game development
9.     .NET Developer

10.    ASP.NET Developer

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