But what new Windows Phone 7 features could be useful for SMBs?

Jenny William, Computer weeky correspondant, explains why the Windows Phone 7 might be just what SMEs need.


Here is her post.


Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, has launched Despite its consumer focus,  Microsoft stress that Windows Phone 7 devices are for business too – particularly small businesses.


According to Robert Epstein, head of SME sales and marketing at Microsoft UK, Windows Phone 7 completes a suite of software and services designed to “mobilise” SMBs.


Along with Office Web Apps and Windows Live, Epstein says Windows Phone 7 devices allow SMBs to be “competitive” by letting small business employees connect back to Microsoft services via the cloud.


“When connected back to Microsoft via the cloud, SMBs can compete with large organisations,” said Epstein at a Windows Phone 7 business session at the launch event yesterday.


“IT is the biggest liability for SMEs. It’s essential for SMEs to adapt and mobilise where they’re falling behind the curve. 73% of PCs in SMEs are still desktop and haven’t been mobilised,” he added.


But what new Windows Phone 7 features could be useful for SMEs?


Document sharing & editing

A Microsoft Office ‘hub’ has integrated Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote to allow users to locate documents from mobile devices. Pinch and zoom gestures make navigation around documents a lot more intuitive. ‘Copy and paste’ will be available from 2011, said Microsoft.


OneNote mobile

Notes are automatically synchronised via Windows Live SkyDrive. Users can even embed video clips and photos into lists and notes.


Live participation

Users can participate in live Microsoft Powerpoint presentation broadcasts or share Office documents via Sharepoint.Sharepoint mobile

Sharepoint workspace mobile allows Sharepoint sites, document libraries and other lists to be browsed from a Windows Phone 7 device. Changes to Sharepoint documents are saved directly back to the server.



With Microsoft Exchange integration, messages are organised by unread, urgent and flagged emails.



User can view multiple calendars (including Google calendar) in a single view