Snack attack

I have committed a careless act and put lives at risk. Yes, apparently it’s true. The voice on the telephone that broke the news to me couldn’t have been more serious. It may only have been an Alpen Snack Bar (with chocolate and orange) but it’s very presence in my daughters lunch box had the headmistress at the infant school concerned almost in a state of fury!

You see, there are individuals at the school who suffer from a nut alergy. I do not want to in any way play down the effects of this affliction because I fully appreciate the potential consequences. So, was I, through giving the offending snack to my daughter, who for the past three months has avoided the food police removing similar items from her lunch box, putting others at risk?

I assess risk on a daily basis, I’ve got equations and worksheets, knowledge of the environment, and a good degree of common sense. But what I don’t have to deal with is life-threatening consequences because let’s be honest, no one is going to die from a computer virus. If we were to add the potential for loss of life into the mix then you can bet that we’d suddenly become a good deal more risk averse. So I fully understand the head-teacher’s point of view even though I don’t concur with her assessment of the risk.

As it stands, my daughter lost her snack bar and had to make do with a banana instead. Healthier for sure, but not really a treat.