ROI from Cloud Computing

Excellent and thought provoking article on Cloud Computing ROI here at

There are, inevitably, concerns about cloud computing: conformance

with corporate IT security policies, the lack of SLAs, and support for

commercial software applications. What about these issues?


regard to the security policy issue, it’s hard to know what to think.

While this certainly needs to be examined, the experience of most IT

security professionals is that they have a hard time getting their

message across to IT as it is performed today. In other words, the

track record of IT security isn’t that great already, so is cloud

computing any worse? One might argue that the commercial cloud

providers are likely to be more security capable, given their

competitive advantage vis a vis internal IT–in other words, they

specialize in IT infrastructure and are given the resources to

implement security properly, whereas internal IT organizations aren’t

truly experts in IT infrastructure and often are unable to obtain

enough budget to implement security measures they know are necessary

I would support that assertion. In fact, the point I’ve been making within my own organisation (currently implementing is that the greatest threat right now to service is probably our own ability to maintain a connection rather than the service providers ability to be available and secure.