Malware hits London hospitals

It’s interesting to speculate how three seperate hospital computer systems have managed to simultaneously fall victim to malware. See Given that the rest of us have not today fallen victim to anything new, and that other hospitals appear to still be functioning, it looks like a highly targeted attack. The Register reports that it might be a case of the Mytob worm however, I’m dubious: Mytob is more nuisance malware rather than disruptive, it’s signature is well known, and I doubt it would result in the networks of three hospitals being so thoroughly disrupted. If it were a new variant evading the anti-malware protection, then we’d all be seeing it.

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I totally agree.. It makes me very cross when I see people especially respected journalist claiming that it is the Mytob virus when there is no confirmation yet. If it was an old variant it would have been blocked, even by the slowest anti-virus pattern matching mechanisms. If it was new, the latest anti-virus methods would have detected it. It is also strange how it happened shortly after a major software upgrade. It all sounds like politics to me.. Who or what is really to blame? Can companies make money by claiming it is something it is not? Will the truth come out in the end? It may make all those who claimed it was a virus look a bit stupid, with todays security knowledge & technology you cannot just blame it on a virus...