Another unstructured blog

According to this blog, , the following is true of a typical information security blog:

..the archetypal information security blog favors:

a) instant response over reflection,

b) commentary over research (e.g., analyzing secondary data or believe test results without checking first),

c) stream-of-consciousness over structure, and

d) group-think behavior instead of careful analysis before making a decision

I probably, and occassionally, fall into all the above categories but I’m not sure that this is such a bad thing. From my perspective, a blog is more than a professional, dry, commentary on life. It’s an opportunity to express opinions, often unstructured, and enable others to comment in a similarly unstructured manner. Too many rules and too much rigidity would make it more of an academic exercise and we’d all quickly lose interest. So, lighten up CyTrap! And by the way, your info on Word metadata is very interesting – I wonder how many people are aware of how much information they might be giving away when they send out Word documents and also that such metadata can also be discoverable in the event of legal action. More food for thought…