Why audit your software ?

Organisations are increasingly resorting to automated tools to track their IT assets.

One reason, according to a survey due to be published next week, is that organisations increasingly want to make sure they are compliant with software licensing.

The survey, by BDNA, shows that over half of the 160 IT executives surveyed use the data generated from IT asset discovery tools specifically for licensing and compliance reasons.

And some 46% of the UK executives revealed that the potential for an audit from a supplier was one of the motivating factors in their decision.

The findings correlate with a survey from FAST Ltd, which offers advice on software asset management. It shows that the number of organisations that received software audits, rose by almost 100% over the last 12 months.

Raids are one thing, but a better reason to keep track of your assets is managing cost. If you know what you have and what your staff using, its much easier to keep to your budget.

The full research gives some details about users perception of different asset management technology.

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