Tesco buys village pubs to appease public opinion?

A contact was telling me last week that Tesco is currently buying up village pubs in a drive to improve its public perception.


I must point out before I detail what I was told that Tesco have described it as nonsense. But even I actually saw the rationale behind it, so I thought I would get it out of my system. And it does have an IT angle.


The idea is, as my contact has been told, Tesco buys village pubs and turns them into Tesco Metros. ‘Won’t this will worsen the public’s view of Tesco’, I hear you ask. Well the clever part is they will open a post office in these branches. We all know how desperate for post offices most villagers are.


Villages often have too many pubs and not enough services such as post offices or supermarkets.


Tesco could also open one of its planned banks in the pub.


Imagine it all your shopping, postal services and banking at your doorstep. Nice bit of IT integration work for local techies.