SAP chiefs play down speculation of a take-over

SAP’s co-chief executives Jim Hagemann Snabe and Bill McDermott have vowed to defend the group’s independence in the face of continued speculation about imminent acquisition by a rival group.

A strategy of pursuing rapid growth in sales and market capitalisation will enable SAP to remain independent, they told the Financial Times in a joint interview.

According to McDermott, continued growth will mean the proper valuation by capital markets, which will enable SAP to continue to remain independent, and Snabe believes independence will be guaranteed as long as the company continues to improve the way it is run, how it innovates, and how it delivers value to customers.

Value to customers is a key strategy the joint co-leaders have set about pursuing since taking over from beleaguered predecessor Leo Apotheker in an attempt to rebuild employee and customer confidence in the company’s leadership.

A lot of broken trust from the past is being rebuilt, Snabe told Computer Weekly in November, 2010.

While this is encouraging, he said, the main play by SAP’s co-leaders is to push ahead with plans to provide SAP functionality on-demand and on-device on the bases of orchestration and in-memory computing.

In 2011, SAP plans a host of new applications that use SAP’s in-memory appliance as well as SAP’s mobile technologies acquired along with Sybase.