Oldster Web Tales - and Lessons ...

I’d been employed by AOL for approximately 3 weeks when Yahoo!’s stock hit their dot com boom price of around 113 bucks a share. That was early 2000 – before the bubble burst and the detritus hit the wind machine.


I’ve not used Yahoo for years – I mean since about ’95/’96ish, and so it was a little trip down memory lane when we made a photostory of the different looks of Yahoo! Down the years.


The site needed this slap, they need to refocus, grab the wave to web 2.0, and the company need to have a better eye.


We’ve seen this scenario before – recently Philip Rosedale of Linden Lab handed over the helm to a new CEO – he may have had the vision, but it was widely acknowledged that the company needed a fresh pair of eyes with perhaps more business acumen than he was able to provide.


The web/new media industry is in it’s awkward teen years, the future is still full of surprises and wonderful revelations, but it’s going to take a steady few pairs of guiding hands for the larger spaces to keep focussed in these challenging times.