Spokeswoman for BCS Health IT Forum gives reaction to report on NHS National IT programme

Jean Roberts, head of the Policy Group, Health Informatics Forum of the British Computer Society, says:

“It is interesting to read the Public Accounts Committee report – Department of Health: The National Programme for IT in the NHS – and hear some of the “Radical Steps” and “Way Forward” recommendations being re-confirmed. We look forward to being involved in progressing the high impact and useful parts of the National Programme for IT in a climate of transparency, appropriate resourcing and locally valued business change.”

My comment: the phrases “climate of transparency”, “appropriate resourcing” and “locally valued business change” sound at first like bland business terms but for the Department of Health they each represent a demanding task.

It could be said that a climate of transparency is something everyone in Whitehall talks about and nobody really wants; and appropriate resourcing is something the Treasury supposes it gives and everyone in the public sector is still waiting for.