NPfIT - BBC Radio 4 documentary tomorrow [25 October 2007]

BBC Radio 4 at 8pm on 25 October 2007 is broadcasting a half-hour documentary on the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT]. It will examine the successes and failures of an undertaking which has received much media attention.

It tells the story of the national programme from its beginnings, says a BBC press release. The presenter Sue Nelson will ask why the project has been criticised in the British media.

“Along the way, Sue meets GPs and hospital doctors who believe the project will revolutionise patient care and others who argue that there are negative implications for patients and working practice.”

Wiring the NHS – 8pm – BBC Radio 4, Thursday 25 October 2007.


Transcript of BBC Radio 4’s “File on 4” documentary on the NHS IT programme – first broadcast on 30 May 2006

NHS Connecting for Health responds to BBC File on 4 documentary on the National Programme for IT

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I listened to this: when was it written and how was it researched?

There are a number of issues which have arisen over the past three or four weeks which were not mentioned.

What about the SHAs planning to ignore GPSoC completely - because they want to avoid **financial penalties** for not buying enough LSP systems - even though the reason is the continuing failure of CSC to deliver even a down scoped version of Lorenzo - whatever that may be these days?

It's fine to force all GPs onto TPP now openly advertised as a CSC product - isn't there a problem with no purchaser/provider split here? - and to totally disregard any other considerations apart from financial balance ..

See the Yorkshire and the Humber Board minutes from 4th September.

Another revelation was that there is no central monitoring of the loss or misappropriation of smartcards - which are essential for security of patient information and confidentiality.

Apparently it is all run locally - and my local enquiries suggest that it is all down to the sponsors.

Pity no-one told me - I would probably have refused to sponsor my practice manager... ;-> and I never did sign the RA01: still got issued with a smartcard!

Speaking of which - N3 is going to be down from 22.00 on 9/11/07 to 10.00 11/11/07 for routine maintenance: there will be no spine functions - C&B, appointments management for Trusts using C&B, ETP , registrations, GP2GP - during that time. I'm still trying to find out whether this is normal for large scale networks: if it is, why haven't I heard about it? Hasn't the spine been told that the NHS is a 24/7 service?

Not really a post - more a rant!

Still, for once, it wasn't all the fault of those wicked GPs!