Stack Overflow: Python snakes up developer ecosystem ladder

Knowledge-sharing platform for software application developers Stack Overflow has opened up its Q1 Developer Ecosystem report.

The analysis features a ranking of what are estimated to be the UK and Ireland’s fastest-growing technologies of Q1 2017.

It’s worth noting that Stack Overflow enjoys 50 million monthly visitors and is widely regarded as (arguably) a serious and trusted resource by many programmers due to the peer-sharing nature of the content exchanged on the site itself.

Python, Java & JavaScript

This Q1 2017 report suggests that Python, Java and JavaScript are Q1 2017’s fastest-growing technologies.

All very well as and boring, inconsequential and intangible as any other tech vendor survey? Well… perhaps not intangible, these rankings actually come out of this developer platform’s ability to measured the number of views, questions, answers and ‘upvotes’ on queries and their associated language tags to generate this ranking.

For developers, ‘upvotes’ matter

Other technologies enjoying key growth stats include C#, HTML, PHP, jQuery and Android.

According to the firm, “In most cases, the popularity of these languages closely mirrors the most in-demand skills from employers in the UK and Ireland.”

However, the report exposes a potential issue with supply and demand, as AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become the fifth most sought-after technology by employers in the region.

Developer ecosystem

Kevin Troy, director of insights at Stack Overflow has said that throughout 2017, Stack Overflow will release four new reports that take a close look at the developer ecosystem in the UK and Ireland.

The reports are created using a combination of proprietary data (captured from Stack Overflow’s machine learning platform, that tracks IP address and user behaviour over time) and qualitative data from Stack Overflow’s annual user survey.

Find the Developer Ecosystem Report: Tech Hiring Edition here.