Red Hat Carrys On Up the Makara PaaS

Red Hat has this week acquired Makara, a developer of deployment and management solutions for applications in the cloud. Although perhaps not quite a household name, Makara’s technologies are hoped to accelerate the development of Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.

Nestling (Red Hat hopes) into the company’s Cloud Foundations portfolio, Makara’s so-called “solutions” will be used for deployment, management, monitoring and scaling tasks when dealing with apps in both private or public clouds.

According to Red Hat, “Customers facing issues in moving applications to the cloud and managing them efficiently can benefit from Makara’s solutions for scaling, rightsizing, rollback and monitoring. By integrating the JBoss Enterprise Middleware infrastructure with Makara’s Cloud Application Platform, Red Hat can offer a more comprehensive PaaS solution that allows organisations to quickly transition their applications to both public and private clouds with minimal modifications.”

Red Hat introduced Cloud Foundations way way back in June 2010. Based on JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Red Hat says that its PaaS offering seeks to be the solution within the portfolio that will allow enterprises, cloud service providers, ISVs and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers to take existing assets and develop new applications and deploy them to a wide range of public and private clouds.

Analysts that buy into Red Hat’s arguments in this space generally extoll the virtues of PaaS as a new market for software vendors looking to deliver enterprise solutions in the cloud. If Red Hat’s acquisition of Makara is in fact a shrewd move — then it is the probably the deployment, management and auto-scaling capabilities that can now be baked into the core platform that will represent the unique selling point here.