Rackspace offers free open source private cloud templates

Rackspace has produced a suite of free software templates for firms to use to deploy some of the most widely used open source applications available.

Promising the much-fabled ‘one-click’ functionality, these best practice reference architecture patters are supposed to allow users to launch a ‘production-ready application stack’ on a private cloud, Rackspace’s one.

These templates deliver multi-tier, scalable applications with redundancy, caching and high availability built-in according to Bryan Thompson, senior director of product development for Rackspace.

This offer includes features such as software plug-ins for enhanced functionality.

There is also network isolation and firewall functionality.

We might think of this release as a starting point for the architecting, development and deployment of production-ready application stacks.

The templates are based on purely open source code and can be freely customised — they include the following technologies:

• Magento, for open source e-commerce

• Drupal, for open source content management

• Galera, an open source database cluster solution for MySQL

• MongoDB, an open source NoSQL document-orientated database

• ELK stack, a stack for log aggregation & analytics

• Hortonworks HDP framework for processing and analysing large volumes of data

According to a blog from Rackspace’s Thompson — to deploy an application stack on your private cloud, download the desired template from the Github page, create a new stack in your Horizon dashboard under the “Orchestration” tab, upload the template and environment file, answer a few questions about your environment and click “launch.”

“Rackspace OpenStack specialists built the solution templates, which reduce the time it takes to deploy these leading enterprise apps from months to minutes. You can consistently deploy production-ready application stacks using industry standards and best practices. This ability to consistently deploy application stacks helps to enable an improved, managed cloud experience,” he said.

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