German LinuxTag exhibition questions impact of mergers on future of Linux

Today sees the start of the LinuxTag Exhibition in the German city of Berlin running from 9 to 12 June. For once it appears that this technical exhibition is not making too much noise to publicise itself, although in fact the show itself appears to have been around for some 16 years now.

Targeted at professional users, decision makers, developers, beginners and the Linux community in general, the event’s panel discussion is said to feature a topical discussion on whether recent mergers threaten innovative small and medium sized Linux businesses.

Although much of the content appears to be presented in German, the website is bilingual (in English) in many parts and attending partners such as IBM, Nokia Qt Development Frameworks, Google, Debian and Mozilla Europe are all truly multinational.

“Takeovers are changing the Linux corporate landscape. These corporate takeovers pose the question of whether Open Source is increasingly at the mercy of larger companies: Sun buys MySQL, Oracle buys Sun, VMWare buys SpringSource and so on,” says the LinuxTag organisers.

You can follow the event’s Flickr Photostream here and its Facebook activity here, it may be quite an understated show – but they are discussing a big topic for sure.