CenturyLink shows some 'guts', open source gifts for Docker, Chef & vSphere

CenturyLink has contributed three of its own technology projects to the open-source community with the intention of improving the way developers use Docker, Chef and vSphere technologies.

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The firm is a communications, hosting, cloud and IT services company

The projects are:

Chef provisioning driver for vSphere simplifies the process of provisioning Chef nodes on VMware vSphere infrastructure.

Lorry.io, a tool for creating, composing and validating Docker Compose YAML files — this makes it easier to share and deploy entire applications composed of Docker containers.

ImageLayers.io enables developers to visualise Docker images and the layers that compose them, see how each command in the Dockerfile contributes to the final image and compare multiple Docker images side-by-side.

“The embrace of open-source technologies within the enterprise continues to rise, and we are proud to be huge open-source advocates and contributors at CenturyLink,” said Jared Wray, senior vice president of platforms at CenturyLink.

The firm’s other open-source contributions include Panamax, a Docker management platform; Dray, used to manage Docker workflows; a Cloud Total Cost of Ownership tool; and a Cloud Cost Estimator tool for CenturyLink Cloud.