Virgin Media says Government should relax

Neil Berkett, CEO of broadband provider Virgin Media, said the government’s current ‘hands-off’ approach to regulating investment in broadband was the right one and warned off intervention which could “disrupt the market”.

“Regulation is neither necessary nor recommended. It would disincentivise companies from investing in networks,” said Berkett.

At the same time, Mark Swarbick, Deputy Director at BERR (formerly the DTI) said that there would be those that would be left without access, because it would be uneconomic for operators to invest in certain areas, and that the government would need to intervene in some way.


Operators are telling the government to leave them to it, when we all know the market isn’t perfect. Government knows it should be doing something, but doesn’t know what. And Ofcom is scared if it does anything at all, then broadband development will come to a standstill.

Meanwhile, Joe Public and Joe Public Ltd have to go on with sub-standard broadband.