First Top Gear Now HP

First we had the Top Gear boys powering cars on cow poo.

Now we have HP looking to do the very same thing for Data Centres:

Thought I’d enter the URL link the report, just in case you didn’t believe me. And no, it’s well past April 1st. The theory is that a farm of 10,000 cows could power 1,000 servers – 10 cows to one server in other words. So does this means that suddenly cattle farms are the hotspots for new Data Centres developments? And with the onset of virtual Data Centres do we need virtual cows?

Unfortunately it’s currently only a theory on a piece of paper. Fortunately that means you don’t need gas masks yet.

About to take a look at some of the 3Com H3C data centres switches that the folks at HP will be inheriting. The plan currently is to use electrical power to fire them up, but if that plan changes I’ll let you know….

Meantime, a pre-test report of said switches will appear on the Broadband-Testing website ( before the weekend, so check it out.

Just a final thought. If cow poo power sees off the wind farms that are taking over the world will be it be a case of the s**t hitting the fan big time?