What could IT outsourcers do in the UK to improve their names?

Outsourcing companies, including IT service providers, are an easy target for politicians when orating.

Despite many of the said speakers being only too willing to get tax payers to fund their lavish lifestyles it has become common for our right honourable members of parliament, pardon the contradiction in terms, to put their foot into the outsourcing debate. And quite right too,

Some outsourcers do take the proverbial.

It is just a shame some of those doing the criticising are complicit.

Anyway the reason I write this is to see what IT outsourcers good do in the UK to perhaps give a little back. Last week I interviewed an executive at Indian IT service provider Mindtree. Prashant Mehra returned to Bangalore to help transform the lives of the city’s 1.5 million rag pickers and improve local government waste management in the process.

He is the project leader of a scheme known as I Got Garbage that helps rag pickers in Bangalore organise themselves better to improve working practices and lifestyles. Mindtree created a cloud based platform for the rag pickers. Lots of benefits come from a centralised ERP type system. I won’t go into them because you can read the interview here.

So what could the service providers do in the UK? With IT central in people’s lives, work, and education today there are lots of things that IT services firms can do.

I am sure there are many projects going on. I would like to hear about these projects and get some ideas about what other things the IT services forms could do to help. I am sure there are lots of charities out there that could do with some support.

Please email me if you have any thoughts: [email protected]