UK to help Indian cyber-crime defense to make offshoring citizen data safer

David Cameron is over in India with cap in hand as part of a taskforce to strengthen ties between the UK and Indian economies. With the huge growth being experienced in India it is wise to be friends. It won’t be long before the UK is getting aid from India at this rate.

There is an interesting development in regard to cyber-security. The UK and India are going to work together on shoring up India’s cyber defences in the light of potential threat from China. There is a benefit for UK government offshoring because the government will be happy to send data to be processed in India as part of its offshoring of services.

According to a Guardian article: “Britain also hopes to benefit from the initiative by ensuring that vital data belonging to millions of Britons stored in India will be adequately protected.”

Another development saw the UK introduce a fast-track visa, which allows senior executives at large Indian firms to get a visa to visit the UK in one day. This will encourage potential investment.