Should the government give IT suppliers freedom to create, like Royal Mail has

Would you hire Picasso to paint for you and then tell him what to paint and what materials to use?

I was watching an interview with Royal Mail’s CTO Stuart Curley on the back of the company’s deal with Capgemini.

It is an interesting deal because it is a cloud computing one. But more interesting than that is the fact that Royal Mail didn’t demand cloud computing. In fact it didn’t demand any particular technology. It just told Capgemini what outcomes it wanted.

For example The Royal Mail wanted to be able to build and pilot new services quickly and at low cost. It also wanted to have a pay as you go model for IT.

So Capgemini gave it cloud services. Everybody happy.

The government will have to take this attitude and give the suppliers more freedom if it is to make the savings it needs. It will have to forget telling suppliers how they should do things and how much money they should make.  Open book accounting should go for a start.