L&T Infotech - Another Indian heritage supplier setting its sights on UK growth

In this blog I regularly write about the meetings I have with suppliers. I have recently written a few articles about some of the less well known suppliers from India which are focused on growth in the UK.

These companies include the likes of ITC Infotech and Mindtree. Both these companies have a real focus in certain markets and try not to be broad service providers. The idea is they will be a top supplier in a couple of sectors only rather than being a Jack of all trades.

The latest company I met up with was L&T Infotech. This is part of $14bn engineering giant Larsen and Toubro.

I met up with Avi Lele from the company to hear about its UK plans. He told me that the company has come to a point where it has proved to itself that it can handle large corporate customers  and because it is private and backed by huge company itcan invest in growth while many others cut back

It has 150 people based in UK but hundreds in India supporting customers which include Standard Life and Balfour Beatty in the UK as well as corporates including Citibank and Chevron in the US.

The company grew 40% a year between 2002 and 2007 and 15% a year between 2008 and 2012. I remember during the crisis at Satyam there was talk of L&T Infotech acquiring Satyam before Tech Mahindra stepped in.

Mobility is a strong area for the company, which Avi Lele told me that L&T Infotech does testing for Samsumg handsets and as a result has a great understanding of mobile devices and the operating systems they run on. The company’s understanding of corporate IT combined with its mobile expertise helps it support corporates on their mobile strategies.

Like ITC Infotech, which is parent of a multi-billion dollar Indian manufacturer (previously the  India Tobacco Company), L&T is part of a huge company and as a result has a close relationship with a business and therefore understands IT as a business enabler.

I recently interviewed Pascal Matzke, Forrester Research, for an article I wrote for one of an Indian CIO site. He said tier-two or tier-three suppliers in India — and particularly those that are spin-offs of large Indian businesses, such as L&T Infotech, Tech Mahindra and ITC Infotech have a very different story to tell compared to the big and broad Indian service providers. There strong focus and the fact that they are not heavily reliant on labour arbitrage make them an interesting consideration.

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