Is the UK government offshoring more IT to close UK skills gap?

I recently ran a survey which asked people to give their views on some of the causes of a UK IT skills gap as well as some of the possible solutions.

One of the things that stood up was the opinion that the offshoring of IT roles to lower cost destinations such as India is damaging the UK’s ability to nurture its onshore IT resource.
See some of the comments here. 

IT professionals are calling for the government to stop offshoring IT jobs. But this is clearly not going to happen. Today there is news that the government is outsourcing the IT development for the universal credit welfare programme to India despite promises to keep large data projects in the UK.

About 500 workers in Bangalore and Mumbai are being hired by the outsourcing firms Accenture and IBM to help design and maintain a delivery system for universal credit, according to the Guardian.