Is Deloitte looking TPI over?

I wrote a blog post in August about KPMG being in talks with sourcing consultancy Equaterra. As far as a source of mine is concerned this deal is still in the pipeline.

The Dutch press think it’s a done deal. Here is an article in Dutch

The headline is “KPMG Advisory voert due diligence uit op EquaTerra”

The English translation is: “KPMG Advisory performs due diligence on Equaterra.”

Now there is a lot of speculation that Deloitte is also going to buy a sourcing consultancy, in the form of TPI.

Yet again there is another article in the Dutch press, although as far as I can work out this is a denial from TPI of any knowledge of Deloitte’s interest.

It would be interesting if the big business consultancies start clearing up the sourcing consultancy sector. Would it leave a gap for a new player or is it a sector that needs consolidating?