Internal IT teams are wired for negativity when it comes to change

When outsourcing IT we all know that the challenges go far beyond choosing technology and suppliers.

Getting internal acceptance of an outsourcing agreement is, to the executive driving it what The Chair is to a horse running the Grand National.

At the Gartner Outsourcing Summit this week analyst Linda Cohen did a session on this.
She said as a result of IT outsourcing most IT departments are a hybrid of in-house and supplier staff. But she says to make outsourcing work they have to appear to the business as one.

Add to this the fact that you have multiple suppliers in a multisourced IT environment and you have a real mix of people. If these people cannot work together the business will notice.
She talked about the changes that outsourcing brings as being in three groups. These are obvious changes, subtle changes and inflammatory changes.

It is the inflammatory changes that have the biggest derailing impact on outsourcing projects and will remember. “Internal teams are wired for negativity and will remember the bad things more than the good things.”

Cohen said change management must be carried out throughout the outsourcing process.
She said finding the right people to manage the process is essential. “Do not just put the people in charge of the part being outsourced in control.”

She said watching someone else do your IT better is not pleasant.

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"She said watching someone else do your IT better is not pleasant."

Watching somebody else being imported on low wages and doing your job worse than you, then finding yourself being fired while they (and the work) are sent back offshore, that's pretty unpleasant too. Just ask the in-house IT teams at Legal & General, RBS, Lloyds TSB, Jaguar, etc (oh wait, you can't because they don't exist any more).