How will the world of IT be in 100 years from now?

The Guardian published an article about a letter that was written on 1912 on the 12th of December. The last time we had a 12/12/12 in fact.

It is an interesting article. The man that wrote it talked about how flying machines and motor cars were in their infancy. He also talked about women fighting for their right to vote.

He imagined what the future held. Read the full article here. An independent India will have surprised him, never mind men on the moon.

The industrial revolution drove much of the change since1912 but what will the digital revolution mean in 100 years’ time?

Will the UK and for that matter Europe and the US still be at the top table?

Let me know your predictions for a world in 2112. If you leave a comment it might take a while to appear due to holidays but please do so.