How can this man not get a job in IT if the economy is recovering?

I blogged earlier about a reader, who is a very experienced IT professional, struggling to find work.

Not only that, he is struggling to get interviews.

Just so you can understand why this makes an interesting blog take a look at this man’s level of experience. In the previous blog I wrote about how businesses could miss out on the best talent because theyare not organised enough following deep job cuts.

Take a look at the jobseeker’s CV. Employers are missing out.

If you cannot see the CV click on the link below. (PS if you want to employ him contact me and I will forward your details.)


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Its the CV's fault.... I had one written by the same bloke (I can smell his fingerprints all over it, same use of phraseology, the lot) and I cant get arrested either! Thankfully, still in work off the back of a much earlier CV, but... probably not for much longer!