Don't let the face of your company become the backside

Callcentres are about the first thing we think of when it comes to outsourcing. Probably because callcentres are often the face, or even the backside, of the companies we deal with.
It is one of the most mature forms of BPO.

Even when customers complained about service levels reducing when banks put their callcentres in India companies continued to use outsourced callcentres.

It is important that any company using a call centre, supplied by a service provider, implements the same levels of security and monitoring as it would with an in-house operation.

Security lapses can do great harm. Remember when the personal details of UK citizens were being sold on the streets of Mumbai?

Despite this problems are still occurring. I wrote a story today about a scam carried out by four callcentre workers in at a TUI Travel operation in Newcastle.

The scam saw the four processing customer refunds. Using a system that they had privileged access to the workers put their own bank detail into the system so they were paid the refund rather than the customer that was entitled to it. See the full story here.

The worst part of it is the fact that TUI Travel knew nothing about this until the callcentre closed and an audit was carried out.

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Is it any wonder that such scams and selling of informations is rife, when outsourcing companies treat their staff like resources, rather than people.

I have worked for a large computer reseller and now a major player in outsourcing within the UK and Europe for over a decade, during which time I have given my all to help them succeed, only to be appauled at the treatment that I have been shown when I asked for help. Rather than assist and resolve the issues it has been a mojor operation, not only to discredit me, but also to try and dig up something with which to force me from the business.

If this is how other outsourcing companies are operating and treating their employees, as resources instead of people, then I fully appreciate why people are running scams and providing poor quality service to the customers and if it continues, I can only see the situation getting worse.