80% of IT professionals have had no real pay rise in five years

A recent survey created by a reader of this blog has revealed the issues facing IT professionals in the UK.

Yesterday I blogged about the skills being brought into the UK from offshore and the fact that most were low level, according to the survey findings.

Today the findings I am revealing are how our 170 respondents’ pay has changed in the last five years. The theory goes that if there is a skills shortage, those with skills will be in high demand and their pay will increase.

So the survey asked the question: UK employers have been complaining about “skills shortages” for years, one would expect this demand to be reflected in IT salaries, so has your salary increased significantly in real terms over the last 5 years (excluding promotions)?

And the survey said:


Only 20.5% of the respondents have had a pay rise in real terms. What are the reasons for this? Is it the recession, offshoring or the lack of training holding careers back?

But if the skills being brought in are low level shouldn’t that be a sign that UK workers should skill-up. Mind you it sounds like many of the workers with low level skills are taking on more complex roles and having to be trained to do so.

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Karl, just spotted this reply to John Redwood from the Immigration Minister Damien Green on Facebook. You may find its contents interesting.


Thanks Steve

So Redwood is an anti-ICT campaigner is he?


John Redwood has shown some interest and contacted Theresa May in November regarding some issues that were raised by posters on his blog.

He got a reply from Damian Green and has posted it.

I don't think John Redwood has expressed any strong view on the issue yet. Hopefully he will consider the issue and decide that the current situation is far from ideal.

John Redwood has said he is impressed with the quality of input he got as posts and via email on the ICT visa and Indian Outsourcing situation, input which was largely anti, I think you can read between the lines there - but he needs to keep his powder dry to some degree as the Tory right are trying to manipulate their own party behind the scenes as the libdems seem to be pulling a lot more strings openly than their share of the vote would support

But John has been shown to have integrity and I am sure he will come out on the side of good and decent people

Peter Lilley is anti the current ICT visa regime as he has openly said in parliament, it would be interesting to see an interview with him printed in the press somewhere

Peter Lilley MP has spoken out on ICT visa situation in parliament, would be good to see an interview with him in the press on the subject

Re John Redwood link:

Damien Green's assertion that a twelve month limit on overseas ICT workers won't make any difference whatsoever where I work because they already have all the Indian ICT guys on six month rotation anyway.