79% private sector CIOs prefer private sector IT skills

I recently blogged about some research from the Financial Times which suggested that 57% of private businesses were not prepared to take on public sector workers with over half claiming they were not up to the job.

I asked IT professionals to give this issue an IT angle by asking whether readers thought public sector IT workers were equipped to do a private sector role. The questionnaire is below so you can still fill it in.

So far out of 31 respondents 16 said public sector workers are not equipped to do a private sector role. The other 15 said they are.

But ReThink Recruitment has gone one better. The company has asked 66 IT directors in the private sector what they think. The results showed a staggering 79% of them think they would get better value from IT workers with private sector experience.

Here is my survey if you want to fill it in.