Video: Nano video reviewed - 3 reasons why it sucks

So last night Apple showed off the Nano that now has a bigger screen (2.2 inches), a pedometer, voice recorder and, most importantly, a video camera.

Initially, everyone was excited talking about how Apple were taking on Flip and how having an iPod that could do so much made it such an amazing gadget. But on closer inspection, you’ll find that it’s good but not great… not by a long shot.

No HD? No way.

Let’s start with the fact that the Nano is not a HD recorder. While snapping clips of your friends might be fine for now, eventually you’re going to want better quality. HD is readily available now, the Flip Mino HD is reasonably priced and most importantly, everyone at the event was asking ‘is it HD?’ which makes you think Apple have missed a trick.

They will probably release a HD version later this year but for now, it’s a problem.

Audio… what did you say?

The Flip suffers from the same problem. Tiny devices like this are fine if you’re at home and filming the kids, but if you go outside or anywhere where there is some background noise and the subject you’re filming gets drowned out completely. The solution? A mic jack or even bluetooth capabilities to potentially link one up.

The BIGGEST problem: camera position

And finally the awful position of the camera. Why oh why did Apple think it was a good idea to put it in the bottom left hand corner? When you hold the Nano as you would naturally in a portrait position, your hand will cover the lens.

What’s more, the buttons are directly on the other side of the camera so you will usually have your fingers in the way of your video at the beginning and end of each video. This is by far the biggest problem with the Nano video (as the clip below shows)

I don’t understand why Apple went ahead with this. Every portable video camera or mobile with video has the camera at the top because it’s the natural way to shoot a video.

If you record in landscape then it’s not such a big problem, but if you point and shoot then you’d normally do it in landscape.

My verdict: Nano? No No No

I think the Nano is a good size, it’s very light and seems very solid. As a music player and all round gadget it’s fantastic but if you already have a Nano or even an iPod and feel the twitch to upgrade because of the video facility, don’t bother.

Your mobile will have the same video capabilities without the annoying awkwardness and if you have an iPhone then you’ll have editing capabilities as well.

At $149 it isn’t going to break the bank but if you really think about it and consider the things you may already have, such as a mobile with video and an iPod with a bigger hard disk, then it’s probably not worth going for.

But if you want a small gadget iPod that has that little bit extra, then it’s worth considering.

PS I would have been a lot more happier with the Nano if they’d placed the lens better. It really, really bugs me.

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