Video: HTC Desire first look

Exciting! HTC’s new phone, the HTC Desire, is due to hit UK carrier T-Mobile in March. The word “stoked” comes to mind… Though I’d rather it was on my current service provider, natch.
HTC are the kind of dark horse company that turns in time into a Sony or Google. After all, Google was once just a lo-fi search engine. But it was good lo-fi search engine that people liked it. Ten years later, global domination beckons.
Similar thing here.  HTC have been quietly producing cracking handsets since 2002 – but it wasn’t until the switch from Windows Mobile to Android that the manufacturer started looking like a world beater.
The HTC Desire’s an Android 2.1 device – like the Google Nexus (also cobbled together by HTC). It has a fast Qualcomm MSM7600 CPU, like the Blackberry Storm and 512MB of onboard memory. As for form factor? Think iPhone, with HTC’s patent nubbin on the bottom. 
We’re hoping to get a closer look soon. In the meantime, here’s the official video: