Google & Sony join forces for e-reader library. It's Kindle worrying

As the e-reader battle between Sony and Amazon starts hotting up, I find myself excited having heard that Google Book (currently a PC app) is to back Sony’s e-reader.

That means they will now be able to offer over  half a million public domain titles FOR FREE. Sony’s library can now boast that it is the largest available (that includes the Kindle library).

Google’s contribution here is more than just scanning the books, but they have also converted the text to the ePub/eBook format, which allows formatting. Something that PDFs haven’t mastered yet.


source [gizmodo]
picture [rex features]

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Apple has just released Ipad with similar pricing and seemingly better features for their base model. Do you think this will affect the Kindle DX market? Thanks :)
I own the Kindle 2 and I like it very much. It is better than Sony Reader because Amazon provide good content support, and the number of books available in Kindle format is kept on increasing (right now there are over 350,000 Kindle books). Sony Reader, however, many users complain that it is difficult to find suitable books, and books on it are more expensive than the Kindle. Other benefits of the Kindle over Sony Reader include the free wireless internet access, and the text-to-speech function.