Funny: Boy dates girl, girl is guy. Four years and £2k later.

It’s every man’s worst nightmare. Your girlfriend is a man.

I know that isn’t really a gadget but on my morning commute today I picked up the Metro and found the story ‘Cyber-girl’s sex lie drove me to suicide’.

It tickled me as it had a bit of schadenfreude about it. It’s hilarious as long as it isn’t me.

What makes this stand out is 19 year old Xiao Cheng had dated this person for four years, showered the 49 year old man with £2,000 worth of gifts and tried to kill himself.

‘I was crushed, I wanted to die,’ Cheng, 19, told police.

Good luck mate, go to university and find some real girls.

The morale of the tale? Make sure your girlfriend isn’t a man.

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