The significance of the Identity Assurance programme

Consumer empowerment think-tank Ctrl-Shift is carrying an interview with me on the significance of the Identity Assurance programme, in which I speculate on how IDA will grow over the coming months and years:

How do you see the identity assurance market developing?

Over the next 18 months the selected IDPs will collaborate to develop their service offerings and a delivery Scheme which can handle the branding and governance for IDA services. DWP will pay those IDPs to register and maintain identities on a ‘per active user, per annum’ basis. After that time, other companies will be able to enter the IDP market, and we’re likely to see new financial models emerging; for example, social networks which operate at a lower Level of Assurance might offer free transactions to government in order to enhance their own online services, or mobile network operators could integrate IDA services into their customers’ accounts.

I would anticipate this resulting in an ‘attribute-driven’ market for IDA services, whereby government ceases to pay for identification of individuals, and instead pays providers to verify information asserted by those individuals; for example, DWP would not pay my IDP to know that I am Toby, but would pay my IDP to confirm my last year’s earnings when I assert them to DWP. This will create a demand-driven market for credit reference data and personal data stores which will disrupt the way that data providers sell to government.

You can find the full version of the interview here.