Greening the Government's new ICT strategy

The government’s new ICT strategy has generated plenty of comment, notably in Computer Weekly and by Socitm in the Guardian discussing the perceived lack of local government focus in the strategy.

Another key ares of interest is in the government’s approach to Green IT encompassed by the strategy.

There are three areas specifically covered in the strategy: green ICT standards, a greening government ICT approach, and data centre reductions. The relevant paragraphs in the ICT plan say the following:

  • Green ICT standards that are pivotal to the delivery of improved cost efficiencies will also be factored into the design, delivery and disposal of ICT solutions


  • The Government will publish a Greening Government ICT strategy in line with the Government ICT Strategy and wider carbon reduction policies. This will set out how government will achieve reductions in operational costs and carbon footprints, and will include the use of collaboration and mobile working technologies


  • To reduce the cost and carbon footprint of government ICT, the Government will set up a programme to reduce the cost of data centres across the estate, leading to a 35% reduction in costs over five years