US TV network HBO branches out into tech journalism

HBO has started publishing fictional tech news on Google; a move set to cause headaches for IT journos used to trawling the search giant’s news pages (or Computer Weekly, ahem) for their daily “scoops”.

The US TV channel’s falsified news output is being churned out as part of the publicity machine supporting the arrival of series 3 of HBO’s Emmy award-winning sitcom Silicon Valley.

The show charts the ups and downs of middle-out data compression tech startup Pied Piper, while poking (not so gentle) fun at the activities of some of the Valley’s biggest players, research teams and company failures.

This week’s series opener, for example, saw one main character try (and fail) to kick to death a robotic deer, while the previous series saw another hapless soul kidnapped by a driverless car.

The deer incident has already been extensively documented by Code Rag, which has the look and feel of a genuine IT news site, prompting Downtime to ponder how long it might take some unsuspecting tech publications to get duped by the set-up?