Twitter comes of age with its first murder

Social networking appears to be quite the infamous instigator in murder cases. Police in New York said that a man was killed with a shotgun after he and a friend exchanged angry ‘tweets’ over a girl. This last decade saw a number of murders crafted in the wide world of the blogosphere. Not to outdone, the high rising newcomer Twitter has joined their ranks. The Police have requested Twitter to hand over documents involving their conversations to prosecutors. The man accused of first degree murder, Jameg Blake, had been a childhood friend of the victim. At least the age old question of whether or not you can formulate first degree murder in less than 140 characters has been answered.

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In what sense is this the lighter side of IT? Somebody died.


Thanks for your comment. You are right. I think the "lighter side of IT" is probably inappropriate for that section of the site these days. We aim to write stories that are a bit different, not necessarily lighter. I think they have become a bit morbid though.

I think the angle is that obviously the death had nothing to do with Twitter because the people involved could have communicated in any number of ways.

But the article we link to describes a "Twitter murder" which is ridiculous.

Thanks for responding and clarifying your decision to include this story. It would be good to see read more upbeat stories again.


Yes we should. problem is none of us are funny.

Karl Flinders


Thanks. We will try but there is one serious problem. None of the CW team are funny.








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