The worlds smartest (TV) thief?


Don’t worry, the shifty chap in the video isn’t really stealing a TV, its all a clever marketing ploy by LG. 
But that, just as exactly what the sticky fingered fellow is up to, doesn’t become clear until the last 10 seconds of the clip. 
The black jacket and black and white footage surely help mask the fact he has a TV tucked under his arm. However, there is no denying that the flatscreen looks as flat as the Wendi Deng Twitter account was fake. For anyone who hasn’t read the news the past week, that means very.
And for all you do-gooders out there don’t worry. The ‘thief’ had a change of heart and brought the TV back.


Downtime tried to contact the CCTV star in order to ascertain why he decided to bring back the TV but he LGged it in the other direction….

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