The ePad Femme - why pink stinks

Although the ePad Femme might sound like something featured in a Bodyform advert: don’t be fooled, the name in fact belongs to the first (and let’s hope last) tablet computer specifically at women.

Designed by the Middle East-based Eurostar Group, the eight-inch tablet sports a pink background and some handy apps about all the things women care about most: such as shopping, cooking and weight loss tips. Presumably this is to minimise the possibility of breaking a nail by doing the downloading ourselves.

While this product would appear to be aimed at the Middle East market, Downtime has long observed the in-no-way-patronising attempts by tech manufacturers to appeal to the female consumers. Making gadget pink being one of the more sophisticated tactics used. How about this for an idea: don’t.

You know what sexist adverts, using crude stereotypes of men and women, do? Put many women off buying the said product in. Appeal to women as adults and they might just respond by spending their hard-earned cash on your products.  Treat them like children and they’ll answer with the contempt you deserve.