Tasty stakes shut down in Ohio

Map of Cuyahoga County

Map of Cuyahoga County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The days of the internet café seem a somewhat distant memory as now we all pile into the nearest coffee chain with our own devices and merely leech off of the Wi-Fi. However, at least we still have the choice…

Residents in the US state of Ohio have been told by the local law enforcers there will be no more internet cafes and a full scale ban is set to be unleashed. Why? Because they believe the venues are a front for gambling!

Turns out when people stopped needing the venues, owners looked into making their money other ways. A gambling license could prove costly, so instead they began offering free goes on games if you purchased airtime on their PCs, circumventing regulators and attracting a hip and happening – ok, elderly and bored – crowd.

Now these secret dens are set to be shut down by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, who said he was “determined to end the exploitation.”

So, if you ever end up in Ohio, stick to the Starbucks and the casinos – there ain’t no one stop shop any more…

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