Swedish design efficiency sends Swedes to the toilet

Micael Dahlen, professor of marketing at the Stockholm School of Economics, regaled delegates to the IFS user conference in Gothenburg with many an amusing tale.

One such is an unintended consequence of Swedish economic efficiency. Apparently, Swedish businesses have designed their workflows so smartly that employees are faking going to the toilet. Waterflow sensors have been paying mute testimony to the fact that when Swedes say: “I’m off to the toilet”, they are not putting that time to defecatory use.

Two-thirds of our Swedish cousins would rather retire to the WC than stare at their desks when there is, indeed, no more work to be done, says Dahlen.

Has this phenomenon reached the UK? Are we still so inefficient that our work is never done? Or does traditional British reserve dictate that we would never declare such trips in the first place?

Dahlen reads this phenomenon as a sign that humans should take the achieving of fun much more seriously. The pursuit of efficiency is leaving us with nothing to do but stage fake visits to the toilet.

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What a terrible article! How about writing about what a private cloud IS.
As you point out, there are a lot of myths around the cloud. I think that the private cloud is commonly perceived as being only for the big guy, the large enterprise. However, this is also not the case.

The private cloud can deliver operational efficiency for all, by enforcing better overall lifecycle management, utilization of internal IT resources and increased agility in dealing with requests for services. When configured correctly it can also be very useful in showing the business howmuch the infrastructure is costing overall. Decisions, such as moving stuff to the public cloud, become easier to make (although those decisions are not always about immediate cost savings).

I have a couple of blog articles about the common pitfalls and myths around the private cloud here - http://embotics.com/cloud_pitfalls_3

Paul Martin
Systems engineering lead EMEA
Embotics Corp
I believe the confusion comes from focusing on choice verse the actual action of private cloud. Private Cloud should be a verb not a noun. When broken down simply its " Reducing the intermediaries between the User and the Resource". When understanding that those intermediaries are technical debt and that a high technical debt breeds a low user experience. Where as a High user experience breeds business agility and organizational value the action of building and runnign a private or hybrid cloud can make dollars and cents .....