Smartphones are making us dumb, finds Kaspersky

Are you a smartphone user that’s ever struggled to recall the mobile phone numbers of your significant others? Then you, dear reader, could be a digital amnesiac. 

According to Kaspersky Lab, it’s a condition all too many of us are blighted by these days, as we continually opt to commit these details to our phone’s memory, rather than our own.

As a result, many of us now struggle to recall our workplace phone numbers or our children’s contact details (what a shame), the security company’s poll of 6,000 people over the age of 16 found.

But, if you can store them on a smartphone most people carry around with them all day, why do we need to know them by heart? 

Just think, the precious brain space we can conserve by not memorising these 11-digit numbers can be better spent on more important, non-trivial tasks, like learning all the words to… erm… that song… you know the one… by whatshername? We’ll consult Google and get back to you.