Remaining relevant without merging with machines

Elon Musk’s recent penchant for an Instagram selfie has sent some of tech’s more skittish observers twitching in their seats.

The business magnate has his fingers in more pies than Little Jack Horner on a Mr Kipling factory tour, and many have the SpaceX, Tesla and Neuralink CEO pegged as the future hero of humankind itself.

However, his celeb status has skyrocketed since he began stepping out with actress Amber Heard, causing many to wonder where his focus lies. Not us.

Lipstick over his chops and posing in Tom Ford suits, he’s never looked more ready to colonise a neighbouring planet. It’s high time we sexed this industry up a bit. Now let’s get Sergey Brin on Love Island, stick Tim Cook in a Calvin Klein campaign, and have… we don’t know… Jeff Bezos falling out a nightclub.

But what’s behind Musk’s new approach? Well, for a start, he probably looks at his diary these days and laughs at all the meetings he had penned in concerning how frightening artificial intelligence is. The big worrywart.


Kick back, we say. In fact, here’s the latest internet fad, FaceApp, working its magic on tech’s favourite poster boy. Because saving the world is dull and apps are fun!

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