Move over BAFTA, its the Worst Domain Name Awards

Domain name registrar has announced a nationwide search. It hopes to uncover the Worst Domain Names registered on the web by businesses and it has already discovered a handful that you’ll find below. 

Downtime, back when we were innocent, fell for this trick once at school. We saw no problem when being told by friends to visit a website called “Pen Island”. It was only when you see the full URL that you realise what you’ve just typed… Amazingly a company specialising in personalised pens has snapped this domain name up. 
Never one to find bodily functions mildly amusing, being upper class and what not, Downtime didn’t find this next one remotely funny. 
Graphic designers Speed of Art have opted for the regrettable Is it just us or does that conjure up images of a middle-aged man in tight swim trunks breaking wind? 
Finally, a host meeting service, which has now been acquired by Salesforce, seemed to have decided that the best way to get noticed in the current climate was buy a web name that accurately describes those real-life cartoon characters Jedward. Even going so far as to use the same descriptive word for each twin with its domain choice of isn’t doing this all on its own, you can get involved, discussing, sharing and voting on its  Facebook page
All this has left Downtime thinking, we might start our own search. Now we just need to think of something worthwhile looking for. Treasure perhaps. 

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