Lord, love a hack

Downtime is grateful to the noble lords for this exchange during the Lords’ Ping Pong match on the Digital Economy Bill, moments before they passed it for royal assent.
Lord Maxton: My Lords, I do not share the concerns expressed so far about the ending of these consortia having control of local news …Every school now has its own website, as does every sports club and local authority. All the news is available on those websites for anybody who wishes to get it.
Lord Fowler: The difference, surely, is that under the current system that news is provided by professional journalists. Under what the noble Lord is describing, there are no professional journalists.
Lord Maxton: As someone who is not a professional journalist and has no high regard for them, I think it is of major benefit that the news is not provided by professional journalists.
Downtime thinks Lord Copper and Lord Maxton would be of a mind.