Look here: Pure filth

According to recently published research, a PC keyboard can be dirtier than the average toilet cover and even filthier than an IT manager at a five-day “software conference” in Berlin.

Which? Computing conducted the research and found that the “dirty qwertys” were home to a host of bugs, including E coli and staphylococcus aureus. Microbiologists found the computer viruses after swabbing more than 30 keyboards to test for bacteria, along with a toilet seat and toilet door handle in a typical London office.

The chief boffin said IT professionals’ poor personal hygiene habits of were to blame. “This is all about people doing things like picking their noses or not washing their hands after going to the toilet and then using their computer keyboards,” he said.

If you have hygiene issue with a colleague, Downtime urges you to immediately report them using the email address, cwdowntime@rbi.co.uk.